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Ex Pat Wills

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We have built a reputable overseas presence due to the service standards we offer, and the level of advice we provide has made us a favourable choice.


With clients not just all over the UK but now globally, we understand the needs and circumstances of individuals overseas and what planning is required for themselves and their families.  We are also able to help and advise on any Inheritance Tax issues they may face if a properly written Will has not been executed.


Is it vital to create a guardianship Will if you are living overseas with young children to make sure they do not fall under the system of the country of residence?  We can make English Wills EU compliant so that you can adopt English law overseas.


If you are looking to make a move overseas then it is imperative you create your Will before doing so making sure all your affairs are protected here in the UK giving you full peace of mind.


If you require any further advice please contact us on 0116 464 7055 / 0208 194 7189.

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