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Prepaid funeral plans

Prepaid funeral plans

Experiencing the loss of a family member or friend is an emotional time. In addition to this upset, loved ones may have the additional task of arranging your funeral, which not only adds to the mental stress, it can also create a financial burden.


In 2021, a basic funeral in the UK costs £4,184, and the average cost of a funeral is £9,263, making this is an unexpected cost that many cannot afford. In addition, London and East / West Midlands are in the top 4 most expensive regions of the UK for funeral costs.


When faced with these unexpected funeral costs, 38% of people said they were forced to take money from savings, while 25% added the cost to a credit card.


To avoid these unexpected funeral costs for your loved ones, you can opt for prepaid funeral plans. You can have peace of mind knowing your funeral costs have been covered and arrangements have already been made according to your wishes.


Our professional team can guide you through planning all aspects of your funeral. Our local specialists are able to provide socially distanced home visits to explain your options.


If you need help choosing a funeral plan, contact Paradigm Wills & Legal Services on Leicester 0116 464 7055 or London 0208 194 7189. Alternatively, complete the form on this page to receive a free, no obligation initial consultation.


The key benefit of having funeral plans in place is to future proof the price against inflation, so you pay today’s prices and not to pass on a debt to your loved ones.

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