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The loss of a friend or a relative can be an extremely stressful time, with numerous matters to be settled in the first few days. One of the most important is resolving their personal affairs and distributing their estate. In some cases, beneficiaries may want to get things moving as soon as possible, so the costs of the funeral can be covered by the estate.


At Paradigm Wills & Legal Services, we understand that applying for probate can be an extremely complex and time-consuming process, especially when you’re grieving. Let our probate experts take care of your application so that you can begin the process of claiming, selling, and distributing any assets.

Our specialist team provides an empathetic and patient approach when handling the matters and can happily arrange a socially distanced home visit to discuss your requirements. Speak to our probate experts today on Leicester 0116 464 7055 or London 0208 194 7189.
Paradigm Wills Probate

Why choose Paradigm Wills and Legal Services?


  • We are specialists in probate applications
  • We offer competitive pricing
  • We provide ongoing support and advice
  • We take away the stress and hassle from you
  • We create a probate account, so all transactions are clearly identified

Paradigm Wills Probate

About the probate process


When a person passes away, his or her money, possessions, and estates must be distributed in an organised way. This includes identifying all of the person’s assets and liabilities to establish the value of the estate. A legal document called a Grant of Representation is issued by the probate service, which is required by the executors as evidence of the person’s entitlement to deal.


The role of an executor is to follow the wishes of the Will. The team at Paradigm Wills & Legal Services can assist by writing to all creditors and debtors to get a valuation of assets and liabilities, putting in a statutory notice of death, completing the appropriate tax forms, and arranging for the estate to pay any tax that may be due. At this point, we can then submit all paperwork to the probate office and the inheritance tax office to receive the grant of probate. Once the grant is approved, this will enable us to collect all monies, sell properties and shares (if applicable), pay off any debts, and create a set of estate administration accounts before distribution of inheritance can take place.

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