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Probate Experts in Leicester & London

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The loss of a friend or a relative can be an extremely stressful time, with numerous matters to be settled in the first few days. Let our team of experts take care of your application for probate. It’s an extremely complex and time consuming process. Our specialist team provides an empathetic and patient approach when handling the matters and can happily visit your home to discuss your requirements. Speak to our experts today on 0800 999 7750.
“Very pleased with the professional and friendly service. Highlighted areas we had not considered or aware of and the implications they have. The service was very professional and the most important thing is that we now have comfort in knowing that if we become incapacitated there are controls around our finance and welfare with the people we trust most. Would certainly recommend.” – Allen Finlayson
Paradigm Wills Probate

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  • Probate specialists in Leicester, London & Birmingham
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Paradigm Wills Probate

A brief about the probate process

When a person passes away, his or her money, possessions and estates must be distributed in an organised way. It includes identifying all of the person’s assets and the remainder after distributing them to those legally entitled to them. A legal document called a Grant of Representation is issued by the probate service which is required by the asset holders as an evidence of the person’s entitlement to deal.

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