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Professional Will Writing Service

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We provide Will writing services in Leicester, London & Birmingham. If you require assistance making a Will, contact Paradigm Wills & Legal Services today.

Do you wish to protect your home against the cost of care?

Do you want to guarantee your loved ones an inheritance?

Do you wish to avoid paying any tax on death?

Having a Will is arguably one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Not only can a Will legally protect your spouse, children, and assets, it can also spell out exactly how you would like things handled after you have passed away.

Why you need to make a Will.

If you do not have a Will, you have no say over what happens to your assets when you die, and this can cause difficulties for those you care about most.


Because of this, everyone should have a Will; this is particularly true if you own property, are married, have entered a civil partnership or have a long-term partner. It also applies if you have children or other dependants, or if you wish to leave something to someone who is not a close family member.


It is a common belief that, if you are married or in a civil partnership, your spouse or civil partner will automatically inherit everything you own when you die. In fact, the law sets out rules that determine how your assets are to be divided if you should die without making a Will.


The rules are intended to be fair, but they may not suit you. For example, if your spouse or civil partner and children survive you, your assets will be divided among them in fixed proportions that may not suit your family.


Equally, the rules make no provision for a partner if you are not married or in a civil partnership, even if you have lived together for many years. It is possible to write your own Will, but it is a good idea to seek advice from professional Will writers.

Experienced Will Writers

When you create a Will, you can allocate and distribute your assets legally. It will help you safeguard the finances that you want to leave for your family, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your finances are in safe hands. Your children can also benefit from your financial arrangements. At Paradigm Wills & Legal Services in Leicester, we provide professional help to write a Will. With our advanced legal advice, the tax payable for property inheritance can be reduced.
“Has been very helpful and always willing to answer any queries that I may have. Good service and will always recommend to others.” – Richard Norris
Paradigm Wills Will Writing

We can provide legal advice regarding:

“Clear cut advice and professional service.  Ended up doing the Wills for the whole family. Covered areas I hadn’t even considered.  Highly recommended.” – Javeed Baig
Paradigm Wills Will Writing

Living Will

The living Will is used whilst you are alive, as the name suggests. It involves giving clear instructions to your GP and doctors, stating how you wish to live and at what point you wish not to be treated.


There are 3 conditions:
  • Do not resuscitate
  • Intolerable condition – if my quality of life goes and I will be cared for or am in a paralysed state, then keep me comfortable and let me die in peace.
  • Maximum treatment which is where they do everything in their power to keep you alive and may even try unproven medicine to achieve this.

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