The Benefits of Using a Probate Specialist

Losing a loved one can be a very challenging time with many personal and financial affairs that need to be resolved. One of the most important is handling the estate, especially if all or part of the money will be used to pay for funeral expenses.

Applying for probate to begin the process of claiming, selling, and distributing assets can be long and complicated, with many important steps to be completed to avoid future claims and complications.

If you have never gone through the probate process before, it can be pretty overwhelming, adding additional stress while you are grieving.

Using a probate specialist to complete your application removes the stress associated with the complex paperwork and ensures that everything that needs to be done is done correctly.

The team of experts at Paradigm Wills & Legal Services can:

  • Assist married or civil partners and close relatives with making a claim under the rules of intestacy if the deceased died without making a Will.
  • Contact all beneficiaries, and executors of the Will as well as any interested parties.
  • Write to any creditors and debtors to establish the final value of the assets and any liabilities.
  • Place a deceased Estates notice in The Gazette and in a newspaper local to where the deceased lived. This notice helps to locate all creditors before the Estate is distributed.
  • Submit tax forms and arrange payment of any outstanding amount.
  • Obtain a grant of probate from the probate office.
  • Combine all funds, arrange the sale of property and shares, and settle any outstanding debts.
  • Produce a final Estate Account detailing all payments in and out of the Estate. This document includes assets and liabilities, inheritance tax, any changes to the value of the estate, the income from any assets, administration expenses, and the amount due to each beneficiary.
  • Distribute the estate.

As part of our probate service, we can review the contents of any Wills and advise on the contents. Our team are also experts in Will disputes, so if there are any claims, we can help with resolution.If you require assistance with applying for probate, contact Paradigm Wills & Legal Services today on Leicester 0116 464 7055 or London 0208 194 7189. Our specialists offer a free, no obligation initial consultation, we can also arrange a home visit to discuss your probate application.